RaceSplitter opened the cross country skiing National Championship in Spain

Jan 30, 2014

When new events are added on RaceSplitter, we’re always curious to see who’s using it and where. This time, the race was very close to us, in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Granada, just a couple of hours away from our office.

It was the 8th edition of the annual “Trofeo Sol y Nieve”, a cross country ski race organised by Grupo Alpino Benalmadena Irontriath.

TROFEO SOL Y NIEVE – 11th and 12th January

The event was composed of two races on the 11th and 12th of January. Both had between 75 and 77 participants and were fully timed with RaceSplitter using two iPads, one intermediate point and the finish line.

The cross country ski race was an important one in Spain as it opened the National Championship season. The route was 12 km with two uphills and one downhill, starting at 2,146m above sea level and reaching a maximum height of 3,027m.

The cross country ski time race was part of the Andalusian Championship and it consisted in 5.5 very tough kilometres, all uphill.

Here’s a short video of the time race.


Grupo Alpino Benalmadena Irontriath, the organisers of the event, have been our loyal customers since the beginning. The association formed in 2006, when a group of friends who shared the same passion for cross country skiing, decided to start competing in both ski races and mountain footraces in the Andalusia province.

Very soon, they started showing up on Andalusian podiums in mountain footraces and converted their passion into a second job, not only competing but also organising events.

Every year, they organise four events in Andalusia and time them with RaceSplitter.

“RaceSplitter is inexpensive and very easy to use,” said José Carlos Del Toro, a member of Grupo Alpino Benalmadena Irontriath, “Even if you are an Android user, it’s way cheaper and more convenient to buy a couple second-hand iOS devices and use RaceSplitter to time your races, than hiring a timing company”.


Event Poster

Next up, Grupo Alpino Benalmadena organises the 6th edition of the annual Mountain Footrace Calamorro, a very hard race up and down the mountain behind the beautiful sea town of Benalmadena. Tough challenge with gorgeous views!

We’re very happy to hear from the organisers that this year the event will have more participants than ever: an outstanding number of 500 participants!

The race will be slightly longer than last year: 16 km for adults and 12 km for junior participants, and it will be entirely timed using RaceSplitter on three devices (two iPads and an iPhone), finish line and two intermediate points.

Good luck to all participants and organisers, and keep up the good work!


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