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Can I install RaceSplitter on multiple devices with a single purchase?

With a single purchase, you can install RaceSplitter on multiple devices, if those devices are logged into the same App Store account used to make the original purchase. You can read more details about timing with multiple devices in this article.

Is an internet connection required?

In very simple scenarios, no internet connection is required at all—as RaceSplitter is a completely self-contained solution.

For complex scenarios—which are more common, such as multi-device timing—internet connectivity will be required for some pre-race and post-race activities, but is not required to conduct the actual timing.

An internet connection is required for:

  • Creating races at You can create races on the device itself, but it's far easier to creating them at the RaceSplitter website and then import them into the app.
  • Importing races from into the app.
  • Publishing or updating results from the app to Although results can be viewed within the app, the RaceSplitter website provides a far richer set of features, including printing, complex sorting, etc.
  • Export results via email from the app

Example — When we time races in areas without cell/mobile coverage, we:

  1. Download the race in advance from
  2. Add any new racers directly on the device at the race (no network required)
  3. Time the race (no network required)
  4. Publish results after the race, when we get back into cell/internet coverage. (Any racers added manually on the device, will get added to the race when you publish results.)
Can't find RaceSplitter when searching in the App Store?

We're guessing you're searching on an iPad. Although RaceSplitter runs just fine on an iPad—in fact, we run RaceSplitter ourselves on iPad minis—it's technically an iPhone app, and as such is displayed in the “iPhone Only” section of the App Store. So when searching for RaceSplitter on an iPad, just switch to the "iPhone Only" section of the search results. You'll find there, and can download and run it on your iPad.

How can I change my account email address?
While logged into, access the “Edit Profile” area, where you’ll find a screen on which you can change your email address.
How can I force-republish results from the app?

Once the RaceSplitter app has published race results to, it will not allow you to re-publish those results unless the results have changed. Every now and then, though, you might find yourself needing to re-publish results—for example, in the rare situation that the server gets stuck processing the original results publication.

In order to force-republish your results from the app, simply make a dummy edit to one of the timing records—for example, change the bib or lap number on a timing entry, save the record, and then change it back.

Once you’ve made a local edit to your timing records, the RaceSplitter app will once again allow you to publish your results.

How can I time teams?

We are frequently asked how RaceSplitter can be used to time teams — for example, a group of four participants racing as a team, each running one leg of a four lap race.

RaceSplitter does not offer a native team-timing feature, and therefore to time a team in RaceSplitter, the “team” needs to look like just other “participant” to RaceSplitter. That would mean that each team member would need to wear the same bib number, and rather than a person’s name being listed in the start list, the team name would be listed.

How can I share my start list with others who want to time the race?

In many sports, particularly in Nordic skiing, one coach will publish the event start list in his or her account at, and then share the start list for other coaches. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Once you create your race at, simply send the link to the race web page to anyone who might want to time the race using RaceSplitter.
  2. Your recipient will need their own account, and be logged in when viewing the race page you shared with them.
  3. If they are logged in—to their own account, not your’s—they will see an “Add to My Races” button. [screenshot].
  4. Once they have clicked “Add to My Races”, they can then download the race using either of the options discussed in Step 4 of our Getting Started Guide, “How to download a race from our website to the RaceSplitter app”.

It should also be noted, that if you, as the race owner, make any changes to your start list, you can select to notify all the “subscribers” to your race that a change has been made, and that they need to download a fresh copy.

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