Publishing, Exporting & Editing Results

This article explains how to publish, export and edit race results, both in the app and online at

Publishing Results

While you are timing your event with RaceSplitter, you can at any moment publish results to the website, to allow the world to follow along. You do this by tapping the icon in the upper right corner of the Timer screen, bringing you to the results screen, and then tapping the “Post Results” button in the bottom right corner.

When you publish results, a URL to the RaceSplitter web page will be copied to your device’s clipboard, allowing you to then post it to social networks, email it, etc.

Updating your Results

The results are a snapshot in time, and so you might want to repeat publishing every now and then (or as often as you like), during the event.

If you have published results during the event, then when you stop the race, RaceSplitter will automatically make a final publish, to ensure that your final results are located at the website.

After the race, if you make edits to your results, you can republish them to the website, as long as you have not edited them online at, as described below. Once you’ve published results, however, RaceSplitter will not allow you to re-publish them unless they have changed locally. If you need to force update your results for any reason, and have not edited them at, you can simply make a dummy edit to any entry—say, changing the bib number of a timing entry, saving, and then changing it back. Once you’ve made a change locally, RaceSplitter will then allow you to re-publish.

Exporting your results

Both the RaceSplitter app and the website let you export your results in CSV. When you export in CSV on an iPhone or iPad, you can further open the data in any app on the device that can open CSV files, e.g. spreadsheets like Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel.

Editing in the app vs editing online

While editing race results online at is full-featured, the editing facilities in the app itself are limited, as described in the table below.

Type of editAppOnline
Delete timing entriesYesYes
Adding a name to an "unnamed racer"YesYes
Correcting a mis-typed bib numberYesYes
Changing the split number of a timing entryYesYes
Adding a missed timeYes
Editing timesYes
Renaming splitsYes

It’s important to note that once you have edited results online at, the app is then prevented from publishing additional data or changes on that same race—because at that point, the authoritative data is presumed to exist online.

If having edited your results online, you find that you really need to re-publish from the app, you can manually unlock the race for publication from within the edit area online using the “Unlock Race” button.

Unlock race to allow re-publishing from the app

Editing results in the app

The process of editing results in the RaceSplitter app is visually described in this video.

Editing results online at

Editing of RaceSplitter results is explained below with screenshots. You can also watch a video.

Entering the edit mode

Once you are logged into your account at, and viewing your race results page, you’ll find an “Edit” button for ending the edit mode.

Entering results edit mode

Switching and renaming splits

Use the split picker to select the split data on which you wish to edit, or to rename your splits.

Switching & renaming splits

Editing timing entries

Tap directly into data cells to edit them. When your cursor leaves the cells, any edits will be saved immediately.

Editing timing entries

Using the “Actions” menu

Use the Actions menu to add new splits, remove selected splits, or to delete all untimed racers from the race.

The Actions menu

Example — How to fix erroneous splits & duplicate timing entries

A common problem, when the timer has forgotten to disable auto-split mode, is the creation of erroneous splits on a race when accidentally timing the same bib numbers twice. To fix this situation at, you’ll want to follow this procedure.

For this example, say that in a mass-start race, we timed three racers twice, creating a “Split 2” on the race containing three racer times, followed by a bunch of DNFs for all racers not timed in Split 2. Let’s also assume we know which three racers were not timed in Split 1, due to the accidental duplicate timing of three other bibs.

  1. Switch to Split 2.
  2. Write down the times of the three duplicate racers (because we’re going to need to add those to Split 1)
  3. Select the checkboxes to the left of the three racers.
  4. Select “Remove 3 selected racers from this split” under the Actions menu.
  5. Switch to Split 1
  6. Search for each of the three bib numbers that we did NOT time in Split 1, due to having accidentally duplicate timed the other bibs. For each of these bib numbers, which will be showing as DNF at this point, tap into the Elapsed Time field, and enter the correct value (one of the values you wrote down in Step 2).

Beyond the basics

After you've read the Getting Started Tutorial, dive deeper into more advanced topics.

Planning your event

As you plan the timing of your first event, here's what you'll want to think about.

Start types

RaceSplitter supports four race start types — mass, interval, wave and variable.


While the RaceSplitter app supports a single user-defined field, complex categorization is supported at the RaceSplitter website.



This article explains how to publish, export and edit your results, both in the app and online.

Multiple Devices

Easily time intermediate points on the course, with RaceSplitter's multi-device support.

Auto-split Mode

Auto-split mode is useful for timing multi-lap races, but should be disabled for most others.

Bibless timing

This article explains how to create timing entries in rapid-fire mode without entering bib numbers.

The Timing Bar

The RaceSplitter "timing bar" allows you to assign the same time to multiple racers — useful when timing groups of people arriving together.

Racer Compensation

RaceSplitter supports the application of compensation factors in adaptive and handicap sports.

Automatic start time adjustment

Under certain circumstances, RaceSplitter will automatically adjust the race start time. This is both a benefit, and a risk.

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