DNF — Did Not Finish

This article explains what to do if most of your participants are displayed as DNF

There are two scenarios in which the majority of your race finishers will unexpectedly display as DNF — Did Not Finish. And in both of these scenarios, the reason is that RaceSplitter will display all participants not seen in the last recorded split as DNF.

Scenario 1: Erroneous Split — The most common reason is that you’ve created an erroneous split on the race. You can read more about how that happens in this article. The solution is to find the timing entry that cause the split to be created it, and edit or delete it.

Scenario 2: Fixed Time vs Fixed Distance — Most races are fixed in distance, for example a 10k or half-marathon. Some races, however, are fixed in time, for example a 24 hour race in which the winner is the one who runs the most laps. In fixed time races, clearly we don’t expect all participants to be timed in the last recorded lap! To prevent participants not recorded in the last lap from being displayed as DNF, simply edit the race configuration at RaceSplitter.com select Fixed Time.

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What to do if the majority of your race finishers are displayed as DNF — Did Not Finish

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