Race start types

RaceSplitter supports the timing of four different race start types

Mass Start

In a mass-start race, all the participants start at the same time. This is typical of races such as a 10k or mountain trail running race. In this type of race, you start the timer when the race starts, and then time the participants as they finish. (You can, of course, also time intermediate points on the race as well.) If the race is not lap-based, you’re likely to want to disable the auto-lap feature.

Interval Start

In an interval start race, participants start one at a time, and separated by a fixed time interval, such as 30 seconds. This is typical of races such as nordic skiing and cycling time trials. In this type of race, you start the timer when the first participant starts , and then time the participants as they finish. You don’t time the participants as each one starts; rather, RaceSplitter knows, based on the start list and specified start interval, when each participant starts and then automatically adjusts their finish time to account for their start delay. For this reason, in interval start races, it’s critical that each participant starts on time, and in order!

Wave Start

Wave start races are identical to interval start races, with the exception that more than one participant—i.e. a “wave”—can start at any interval.

Variable Start

To support situations in which individuals or waves of racers start at non-fixed time intervals (or manually), RaceSplitter provides a variable-start support mode. This mode, which is a special configuration of a mass-start race, isn’t natively supported in the app, but depends on the RaceSplitter.com website.  For me details, read the article: How to time a variable start race.

Beyond the basics

After you've read the Getting Started Tutorial, dive deeper into more advanced topics.

Planning your event

As you plan the timing of your first event, here's what you'll want to think about.

Start types

RaceSplitter supports four race start types — mass, interval, wave and variable.


While the RaceSplitter app supports a single user-defined field, complex categorization is supported at the RaceSplitter website.



This article explains how to publish, export and edit your results, both in the app and online.

Multiple Devices

Easily time intermediate points on the course, with RaceSplitter's multi-device support.

Auto-split Mode

Auto-split mode is useful for timing multi-lap races, but should be disabled for most others.

Bibless timing

This article explains how to create timing entries in rapid-fire mode without entering bib numbers.

The Timing Bar

The RaceSplitter "timing bar" allows you to assign the same time to multiple racers — useful when timing groups of people arriving together.

Racer Compensation

RaceSplitter supports the application of compensation factors in adaptive and handicap sports.

Automatic start time adjustment

Under certain circumstances, RaceSplitter will automatically adjust the race start time. This is both a benefit, and a risk.

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