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Meet RaceSplitter Customer Richard Price

There are so many users of RaceSplitter every week and for a while now, I have been wanting to get to know some of them a little better because I was certain that they are all really neat and interesting people. I wasn’t wrong. This time I would like you to meet... read more

Trail Cara los Tajos – Andalucía Championship

On Sunday 17th of April, the individual and team Andalucía Championship took place in the Trail Cara los Tajos in Alhaurin el Grande, Málaga. The distance to cover was 31 km with 2.150m of climb. The race was organized by RaceSplitter-sponsored team Grupo Alpino... read more

UTSB – Sierra Bandoleros Ultra-Trail

Last weekend, 4-6th of March, the 5th edition of the Sierra Bandoleros Ultra-Trail took place. This is not a regular race, event, trail. It’s nothing compared to anything that the regular trail runners have experienced. At the start line, “the... read more

VIII Calamorro Trail Running Race 2016

The VIII Edition of the Calamorro Trail Running Race took place on Sunday 21st of February 2016 in the mountains of Benalmádena. This exceptional event is organized by the RaceSplitter-sponsored team Grupo Alpino Benalmadena-Irontriath. The event was timed with... read more

RaceSplitter-sponsored team at the Carrera Sierra Blanca race

The third edition of the Sierra Blanca Trail Running Race in Marbella, Spain, took place on 13th of February 2016. In this edition, there were three distances that the participants could choose from. The fist ones to start, at 8:00am, were the participants of the 41km... read more

It’s about time for DIVA!

When talking to her, three words come up to our minds: determination, positivity and care. Three characteristics that we, at RaceSplitter, share deeply. Her name is Audrey Jackson, but she’s better known as DIVA, a timing company that in just over a year became very... read more

RaceSplitter makes it to the Olympics!

Cross country coaches use RaceSplitter at the Sochi Olympic Games to keep track of their athletes’ performances during the races. We talked to one of them, Italian men’s team coach Paolo Riva, and asked him why coaches choose RaceSplitter.

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Happy Birthday to Simon—a young skier following his dream

This week we’re going to write about a very special customer of ours. He’s not a race organiser, but he’s somebody who spends lots of time on race mountain slopes. He’s a father who made his son’s skiing career part of his daily life and job. His name is Lars... read more